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Dale's Computerized Business Services, Inc.
Editing & Proofreading Services

Editing Services

Available for individuals, students, publishers, literary editors, companies large or small.

We welcome anything from research papers, theses, dissertations, portfolios, colloquiums, articles, technical manuals, journals or books to magazine articles and short stories to novels

Proofreading Services

Checking proofs is a tedious but critical task and any mistakes overlooked can be costly to correct at the page proof stage.

Editing & Proofreading Services Include:

check and correct spelling, punctuation, grammar and general English errors

check and highlight problems in page layout and markup copy

check against specifications for typesetting

check and query errors or inconsistencies in style and content

check for overall sense and clarity

Modern computer spell-checkers are useful but have their limitations. We can provide either a straight proofreading service or make corrections to copy on disk or hard copy, or both. We can mark changes on hard copy, change documents electronically, flagging any changes, additions or deletions.


Miami's Favorite Private Mailbox & Business Center

2221 NE 164 St.
Aventura, Florida 33160

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2221 NE 164th Street
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